Persuasive Essay On Community College Education

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Community College Education We all know the costs to attend a college is a burden to everyone who has a low income. College costs have skyrocketed over the past decade, and there is a gap between tuition and family finances. According to the White House, “[They] have a straight forward plan to remove that barrier and expand the pathway to the middle class-by bringing the cost of community colleges down-down to zero. Zero-for anyone willing to work for it and for the institutions that meet certain basic requirements.” (Vice President, Joe Biden). Therefore, I think community college education should be tuition-free for poor and minority students who deserve equal opportunity if they are trying hard to accomplish their careers.
When President
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And of course, countless other perspectives abound. While the debate has yet to be resolved, it’s clear the president has good key points. That community colleges will offer courses directly transferrable to four-year degree, so the cost of four-year degree will be reduce for many families who have a difficult time sending their children off to college. Another key point is some of jobs will just require a training program for few months to earn a certificate and still have good pay. For example, there are other jobs that require certificate and pay $40,000 to $70,000 a year. With these jobs and that salary range, people are able to support a family. President Obama also pointed out in his announcement that the Accelerated Study in Associate Program at the City University of New York can boost graduation rate. “ASAP has garnered hosannas in the media for its package of comprehensive financial resources, student support systems and impressive graduation rates” (Kirp). ASAP is a program that provides money for the extra costs that are not included in tuition. In fact, the cost per ASAP graduate is lower than other students because they finish more quickly. Fifty-seven percent of the students in ASAP graduated in three years (Naughton). The system is considering implementing ASAP to its other colleges and hopefully there will be a significant increase in the number of education

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