Personal Statement : My Personal Goals Essay

826 Words Jul 29th, 2015 4 Pages
The process of deciding whether or not to continue my education was a long one. I had to weigh many pro 's and con 's, and had long thoughts and conversations with family and friends. I had to start by thinking of two things: my personal and my professional goals. Both of these goals were unattainable without having a degree. My personal goal included: owning my own home, finding a partner with similar interests, and being able to financially support a family without fear of the future. My professional goals include: having a diploma hung on the wall of my office, earn a safe, secure & competitive salary. Also retire an age suitable enough to enjoy the rest of my life. In my opinion none of these goals are possible without a college degree. Having these goals in mind, I am highly motivated, because of the embarrassment I face with my social group of friends. Almost all of my friends have furthered their education, and I feel beneath them in certain situations. Eventually earning this degree will contribute to my goals because it is something I can fall back on, and it also will give me the confidence to enter a new social and hopefully financial class. When I was younger I had difficulty in my education, some things that prevented me from earning my degree was that I was young, immature, and was not ready to make decisions based on my future. I only wanted to make decisions based on the present. What I have learned is that hard work and dedication to you to…

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