My Strengths As A Teacher

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Generally speaking, I believe I am a strong teacher. I am still learning, however, I believe that I will only continue to become better with experience. As an educator it is very important that I make sure that each and everyone of my students is able to learn. I believe one of my biggest strengths is being able to do so. I adhere to all learning styles while teaching. I present my students with a wide variety of methods to solving problems while teaching. I think it’s important to be open minded and teach my students that there is always more than one way to do things and learn. This allows me to fulfill the MAP theme of diversity. I want each student to be able to understand and grasp concepts no matter who they. Each student is a bit different …show more content…
There are a few things that I know are weaknesses of mine that I need to learn more about. For example, I can confidently identify the students who need extra help and am able to different my instructions to their needs, however, it is hard for me to give challenges to the stronger students. I definitely need to work on this. I think the best way to do this is with practice. The more gifted students I come across the better I will be at adapting my lesson to challenge them. I also plan to continue asking the teachers I am placed with what suggestions they would have. Another weakness of mine is I tend to move too quickly through my lesson plan. I need to be able to really drive an idea home once I notice that my students are understanding the concept. It isn’t enough for them just to understand; I need to work beyond this and get them to fully grasp it with additional problems that are not included in my lesson plan. This is something that I haven’t quite learned yet but definitely need to learn. I need to learn how to adapt on the spot to further the idea that I am teaching. I tend to just follow my lesson plan exactly and when I reach the end I conclude my lesson. I need to learn how to expand on the ideas I have taught based on the needs of my

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