Personal Statement : My Goals Essay

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Being raised in a humble home with little luxury yet filled with joy of family and hope of success. I’ve always understood that money isn’t happiness or we don’t all begin at the same place. In a home where intelligence and an education is admired I’ve always strived towards a future with a good education. Helping others achieve their goals has always been a dream of mine. Influencing people to do well and change their lives for the better are also something I’d like to achieve. Achieving my financial goals will give me the necessary means to help others through financial struggle which will give me an abundance of spiritual wealth.
My family has always given me their full support in whichever way they can both financially or motivation. My mom has always accepted the decisions I make for myself. She hasn’t ever tried to force a certain career on me just because of money. She has always told me to choose something that I’ll love and enjoy doing for the rest of my life but it does have to allow me live comfortably. I would like to repay every sacrifice my mom has made for me and my education even if she tells me that receiving my diploma will be more than enough I want for her to one day have a extremely comfortable life. Most of my relatives including my grandparents are in Mexico which gives me another reason to pursue a career with a big paycheck so one day our entire family can at least live in the same country.
Growing up in north Portland before the lowered crime…

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