College Student Success Essay

Brief Research Paper 1: First Draft
What does it take for a first time college student to achieve success? There are many articles and books written about this very topic but there is not one particular answer for this question. The question is very complex with many different answers. But one thing is certain, new college students are plagued with difficulties that can easily lead to failure in college.
There are many tips and techniques to maximize success as a college student, some ways work better for certain students then others. This makes it difficult to teach new students these tips because they will not work for everyone. Every person has a different way of learning and have different life obstacles and obligations they must deal with
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In the article written by Joanne Jacobs called “7 Steps to Success at Community College” the author says “Students start with high goals, the new student survey found: 73 percent of entering students aim to complete …show more content…
It can come down to a few simple ways. Not that they are all the answers needed for a new college student to succeed, but they will definitely help contribute to their goal. First, find out everything that the college has to offer. Whether that be free tutoring or reading free material about how to pay for college. Many students do not take the time or put in the effort to take full advantage of these simple things, but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way, especially when it comes to not only your career and future, but also your financial future. A student’s Professor can also be a treasure trove of extremely valuable information if utilized. They have the experience of going to college and also should know what the school has to offer to help these young students with any questions they might have. College is a time when these students have to grow up quickly and find solutions to their problems. All it takes is self-discipline, balance, dedication, and a lot of hard

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