Essay Personal Statement : Mama 's Artifacts

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As a genealogist and the family historian, our mother had accumulated layers upon layers of letters, court documents, photographs, funeral programs, newspaper clippings of obituaries, birth announcements, wedding invitations; if it was paper, she kept it. In one of the guest bedrooms in the home where she and our father had lived for the past 21 years, one bookshelf-lined wall was brimming with books of historical or local interest, notebooks containing her family research, photo albums, and treasured knickknacks. The furniture that filled the room had belonged in the family through at least three generations. It was at the desk of her grandmother, Mollie Byars Smith, where Mama had sat in front of the computer as she communicated with the online world. It was at that desk where I sat one September morning in 2014, making a list of what I titled “Mama’s Artifacts” while she sat just behind me, mentally going through all the rooms in the house, enumerating each item of value to her and telling me the history of each piece while I typed it, word-for-word. By the time we got to the bottom of the third page of this single-spaced document, we had covered the guest bathroom, the guest bedroom known as “the pink room,” and were now finishing up what was known as “the computer room,” the other guest room in which we sat. At this point in the list, it read, “Closet - Grandmama, Aunt Myrtle, and different ones, the old letters are in the big plastic box and among the stuff in there,…

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