Why I Want To Start A College Essay

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My calling first became apparent to me during my sophomore year of college. During this time, I was completely unsure about what field of study that I wanted to follow. At that time, I was trying to think of anything that would help me think of which major I wanted to study. While doing that I remembered that when I was younger, people always told that I work well with kids. With that being said, I thought of becoming a teacher. My sophomore year I decided to become and Elementary Education major.
As I began to start taking education courses I knew that part of my calling was to work with kids, but that was all I knew. During my sophomore year I started to feel a lot more pressure and anxiety caused by the classes I was taking. I felt as though
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The program was for students who wanted to work with individuals with disabilities, but not in a classroom setting. She then went on to say that she talked to my uncle about applying this program with ministry and he said that it sounded like a perfect fit for me. Up until that time I never thought of working in ministry, so I was hesitant to commit to the program she was working on. But I had no other option and thoughts about what I wanted to study so I decided to change my degree to Children’s Ministry and Exceptional Populations. Once I decided to follow this path I thought of possibly training church staff so that they can better understand how to make their churches more welcoming to individuals with disabilities.
Since my sophomore year of college, my calling has not changed much. One way that my calling has developed is that I not only want to work with churches but also missions’ organizations also. This will allow individuals with disabilities overseas can better fit into society. Through conversations that I have had with individuals that work in Global Ministries there are not many other countries that have structures setup to help individuals with disabilities succeed in their

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