My First Semester Of College Essay

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As my first semester almost ends, there is a plethora of aspects that played a major role in how much stress and pressure I have encountered. These aspects have created negative and positive outlooks on college and life, which is evident in my attitude as the semester closes. I have experienced so much pressure, and anxiety from one semester because of my perfectionism. I am constantly checking Moodle and MyClaflin to be on top of things. From this semester, I have reviewed various syllabuses and schedules of assignments, which has all become a blur. On the contrary, from this first semester, I have learned that college is arduous and I know I won’t ever completely adapt. Consequently, this semester has taught me how to sacrifice and quit on …show more content…
Thus, college for a first semester Education major is simply a difficult experience because I am required to handle my academic studies, field experience, community service, social life and myself all at once.
The positive and negative influences have been created by the constant stress and anxiety I have been suffering from throughout my first semester of college. I find myself becoming more antisocial and cantankerous because I feel as if I have failed myself in my first semester as a “Claflin Visionary.” Throughout school, I was always the student with the highest GPA and grades, which created a perfectionist. My perfectionism increased when I entered high school and I began to battle with it in this semester. Because I wasn’t the top honor student that I perceived to be, I started to become angry and disappointed in myself. Consequently, my first semester consisted of scrambling and trying to figure out how to adapt to a new difficult chapter in my life. In contrast, a positive influence that has occurred is the confirmation of the career that I want to pursue for the rest of my life. This confirmation became evident when I started field experience and started bonding with the Orangeburg Wilkinson High School
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For instance, in my Hindi class, I could not comprehend the language and I know it would be harder for me to catch up with the class on concepts I didn’t understand. From seeing this observation, I decided to take a different language next semester before I fail the class without any credit. I took it upon myself to take a challenge revolving around a foreign language that wasn’t familiar at all and I knew I would struggle with it. Another lesson that I learned is somethings are worth sacrificing. I sacrificed so much of my time and health restrictions to keep my grades above par. I have sprained my ankle, lost a screw from my rods in my back and torn cartilage in my knee just to remain in school and continue pushing to get through this semester. Although I shouldn’t have sacrificed this much to remain in school, I know that I’m paying to be on campus and I must make something of myself. College taught me that if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, you sacrifice what you

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