Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Entrepreneurs

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For the interview portion of exploring my major, I spoke at length with Grant William Rodgers. Grant and I met about a year ago when I was inducted into, Pi Kappa Alpha, the fraternity he had joined his sophomore year of college. Shortly after meeting, I realized that Grant and I had similar interests in our academic aspirations in that we were both pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and he was in the in the Walker School of Business, and I was working my way there. Grant is a senior and a wealth of information when it comes to the ins and outs of our academic discipline at Appalachian State University “ASU.” Grant said that he decided early on in high school that his college major would be business and he intended to get his undergraduate degree at ASU. He commented that, “I knew I always wanted to be around people” and that “exploring the various facets of business from an academic perspective just felt right.” Beyond “feeling right” Grant could not elaborate on what drew him to business management, but he did profess to be “all in” when it comes to pursuing business management as a course of long-term study. …show more content…
He said, “I want to get my Doctorate, but I think I’m going somewhere else to get it.” He expressed a desire to further his academic career closer to home, so somewhere in Virginia where his family lives. He came to Boone to attend Appalachian and “yearns” to be near his parents and siblings. During my inquiry into his further academic aspirations, I discovered that Grant “always enjoyed school and just the overall vibe it has…that’s why I want to be a professor.” The desire to be a professor is a more recent development that has come about as he nears completion of his undergraduate

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