Personal Narrative: My Personal Business Model

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Personal Business Model
Key Resources
I am very interested in Mathematics, Physics, and Logic. These interests make me very logical, precise, and thoughtful, which are useful skills in my line of work. I work in Software Development; therefore, I am obviously also interested in Computer Science. Being a female with these interests makes me relatively unique in my field. Currently, I am the only female on the entire development staff in my company. Sometimes, I view this as a challenge to my career success, because I have to work extremely hard for respect in such a male dominated field. I, however, would like to choose to view this as an asset. Being a minority in my field makes my perspective unique and therefore valuable for companies. Finally,
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They are often communicating directly with me about when they want to see out of the software I am building. It is up to me to deliver the product they need, and also to communicate the development process to them along the way.
Value Provided When working on a software development project, I am very open minded about what is possible and I think customers really appreciate that. I do not keep to the typical confines of software development templates. I am ready to be flexible and I try to come up with creative ideas in order to achieve new things.
At the company I work for I am expected to take complete ownership over my own projects. If I head up a software project, I am the one who communicates with the customer about it. I present my project to my boss and we he thinks it is ready I present it myself to the directors of our company. With the company’s support, I am the one who delivers the product to the customer. This system gives me many opportunities to communicate with customers directly. When they are satisfied with the product and ongoing communication and maintenance I provide, they might request me on other products. They also might communicate their satisfaction to my boss, which could lead to him choosing me for other important projects the company takes
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However, I have a particular coworker who I consider more of a key partner than others. He trained me when I first got hired and still helps me a lot when I have questions. I would be lost if I did not have coworkers like him who are willing to help me out. I run into walls where I have no idea what to do all of the time. I ask for help and that is how I learn and become a better developer.
Also, it has been extremely difficult working full time and going to school full time simultaneously. I would never have been able to accomplish this without a lot of help from my family, friends and teachers. I was able to do something most people are not able to do because I am lucky enough to have these partners. Many people would like to work to put themselves through school, but that takes up a lot of time and energy, and most people have many other demands on their time that makes this impossible. With people helping me in my personal life, I was able to devote myself to work and

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