Personal Philosophy Of The Student Affairs Field Essay

1079 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 null Page
Personal Philosophy of the Student Affairs Field Reflecting on my personal college experience and those of my peers, I believe that the field of Student Affairs provides a unique and even essential opportunity to help shape the experience that student’s receive within the university setting. I strongly believe that students gain more from their college experience learning and growing outside of the classroom rather than inside. Self-discovery and personal exploration through extra-curricular activities and interpersonal interactions guide students through their academic careers and develop who they wish to become as an adult facing the “real world.” Student Affairs professionals help to ensure that each student begins their track to self-discovery through a variety of opportunities and functional areas.
I have heard it said over and over that each young professional who begins their career in Student Affairs always has a story of where their journey into the profession began. Usually there is a defining moment with an advisor, mentor, or professor seeing the potential in them to cultivate passionate and engaged students in the university setting. During my journey as an undergraduate student, I wanted to become involved on my campus and seek out opportunities for personal growth and development. I joined student organizations, worked on Orientation Staff, and became a Resident Assistant. I challenged myself to connect with the university, wanting to learn and engage…

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