Personal Narrative - Original Writing - Missing Him Essay

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Missing Him
He met my gaze for a few seconds before he gave me a huge hug. Not letting go, I continued to embrace him as if it was the last time I would ever see him. He was wearing his warm comfortable looking grey sweatshirt, and it was evident that he had a long journey ahead of him. “Please don’t go!” I said to him holding back my tears. He placed his passport into his large brown suitcase once he had a second to breathe again from my long lasting hug. “I have to,” he replied. A long black first class looking limo pulled up into our driveway ready to pick him up and take him away from me for what felt like an eternity. It felt as if the man who was driving the limo was committing a crime just by driving my father away from me. It didn’t matter if it was my father’s job, I couldn’t have him leave me for such a long period of time. “Please don’t go,” I kept repeating over and over again in my high pitched eight year old child voice. He hugged me ever so tightly just before he had to head out.
He stepped out of the door as he headed towards the luxurious limo. Seeing him walk away in his black business boots crushed my soul little by little the farther he got away. However, what really killed me inside was the sound of his suitcase as it was wheeled down the driveway. The noise weakened as he got farther away, but the pain continued to increase. Once he disappeared from my vision, the air currently flowing through my lungs felt heavier and less effective. A part of me had…

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