An Embarrassing Moment Analysis

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There I was, after a painstakingly long night, clicking print and falling asleep. After the longest night of my life, I finally got some much needed rest. I had stayed up all night to finish the hardest term paper of my life. My first college semester was about to end in a disaster. I had neglected to write a ten-page term paper for my Logic. I left myself with one night to write this monstrosity. I was a foolish child; I chose to procrastinate the entire semester. For months I had known about the paper yet I chose to brush it off until the last possible moment. I got home from school the day before it was due; I had exactly sixteen hours before I had to hand the paper in. I can not explain why I still could not manage to write the paper. Ignoring all the alerts on my phone, and the awful feeling of guilt, I decided to sit down and play some video games. Video games can only satisfy me for a brief amount of time until I get hungry and require some real nutrients. Luckily, my mother had prepared a light dinner for me, and I could save time by not having to cook my own food. She made her mouthwatering barbecue chicken in a …show more content…
I grabbed some snacks from the pantry, a Naked Juice from the mini-fridge, and my headphones. I planted myself at the counter and told myself I wasn’t going anywhere until I pounded out at least five pages. I put on a Spotify playlist, designed to help you focus, and I began my work. Naked Juice’s are my version of a healthy energy drink. After about thirty minutes of working, my mother walks out of her bedroom. Now in my house, everyone except my older brother and I, is in bed, and asleep by nine o’clock, so my mother to walking out at nine-thirty was a surprise. She told me, “It’s too late for you to be up on your iPad. Go to bed.” I wasn’t about to tell her that I waited until now to write a ten-page essay, so I simply said, “Yes ma’am,” and went to

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