College Admissions Essay: My Life Has Never Been Perfect

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My life has never been perfect, and because of this I always thought about my future. It started in elementary school, where I wanted to be a veterinarian. As I grew older, I dug deeper and decided I wanted to help people. I set on trying to become an orthopedic surgeon. Since the start of middle school, I set my mind on become a doctor and now I am in that part of my life where my education matters towards my goals.

This goal of mine, whom for others seemed out of reach, would get the most negative comments. Friends and family doubted my capabilities of reaching my goal. The worst comment was “That’s a lot of money on schooling and too long to complete!”. At that point, all I could think about was money and is this really what I want
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I wanted to play a sport so bad, I started off with ballet and gymnastics. I begged my mother to put me in ballet and gymnastics because I loved the feeling of completion. These small clubs I was in, were the start of the athletic life I have now. After being a part of a team and joining cheer in middle school, I finally decided that this type of completion wasn’t for me and I needed something with more contact.

The best thing about starting off with dance, ballet, and cheer was the fact that these sports taught me discipline, respect, competitiveness, and passion. I knew in seventh grade that I wanted a contact sports so I joined basketball, soccer, and flag football for the after-school program. I played these sports in middle school and they ignited my compassion for completion. Being a girl, I was never given the focus from my parents, because my brother was a very talented soccer player. Taking matter into my own hands, I signed myself up for sports in high school and I joined volleyball, soccer, and track. I played my heart out and was naturally talented in all of them. However, volleyball has my heart and I pursued that sport
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Being an athlete is a talent because not all can play as they do. All sports are connected by requiring determination, discipline, and love for the game. That being said having a wired brain with those elements took me all the way to play at the collegiate level. Without discipline, respect, and compassion for the sport my coach now wouldn’t have been able to shape me into this fierce athlete. Having this great talent has sculpted my view on the person that I am today because being an athlete has shown me to never give up and compete for everything that you have a passion

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