Online Learning And Traditional Learning Essay

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The primary differences between online learning and traditional learning are as follows.

Traditional Learning:

If you are physically going to a college you have to physically be there on time in person. That would mean you would have to get up at a certain time and be ready when your teacher starts class. Also there are tremendous costs operating a learning facility. The Cost of dorm rooms can be very expensive. There are the costs of electricity to operate a class room. If you were learning in a classroom you have to have public restrooms. The School or college would have to have a fulltime maintenance staff for when light bulbs go out heat or air-conditioning quits working or flooring becomes worn and needs to be replaced. Doors and windows get worn out from opening and closing.

Online Learning:

All you have to do is log into a website read your assignments and do the work on a laptop or other type of electronic device. You or any other student or instructor or Teacher could literally be fresh out of bed butt naked and no one would ever know. In an online environment you would no longer need paper or pens. Learning online would save on transportation cost, wear and tear on your car, no more sitting in rush hour traffic or waiting on roads to be cleared due to accidents. Just imagine the gas you would save and tires. The operating costs are so much cheaper in and online environment.

The differences stated here in this word document are entirely my own thoughts and…

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