Office Memo: Contrast Between Theoretical Concept And Actual Practice

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Office Memo:
Contrast between Theoretical Concept and Actual Practice

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Office Memo: Contrast between Theoretical Concept and Actual Practice

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Movement of memo: The movements of memo are specified in accordance with the status of the parties involved in the process of communication. If it is sent to the lower level people by the top level executives, the flows are downward and the opposite direction is called upward movement of memos. When this is happened between the people of same status it is called horizontal flow.

4. Format of memos: In every organization a specific format is used for memos. Though the format varies from organization to organization, each memo format contains several common aspects such as heading, receiver’s name, distribution list, sender’s name, subject, date, copy notation and sender’s signature.

5. Subject matter: The subject matters of office memo are explicitly definite. Policies, principals regarding the institution, clarification of the policies, any change or modification brought in the present policies, any change in the work schedule, providing or soliciting advice, request for supplying information, giving permission to perform a particular task etc are used as the subject matter of office

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