What Do You Understand By Maslow's Principles Of Management

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Register to read the introduction… Functional chart
b. Posts chart
Examination Paper of Principles and Practices of Management
IIBM of Business Management
c. Master chart
d. Departmental chart
7. Communication which flow from the superiors to subordinates with the help of scalar chain is known as:
a. Informal communication
b. Downward communication
c. Upward communication
d. Oral communication
8. Needs for belongingness, friendship, love, affection, attention & social acceptance are comes under___________
a. Physiological needs
b. Safety needs
c. Ego needs
d. Social needs
9. A management function which ensures “jobs to be filled with the right people, with the right knowledge, skill & attitude” is comes under__________
a. Staffing defined
b. Job analysis
c. Manpower planning
d. Recruitment
10. It is a process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach to a decisions affecting their life:
a. Selection
b. Raining
c. Reward
d. Counseling
Part Two:-
1. What do you understand by Maslow‟s Theory of Motivation?
2. Define Management By Objective.
3. Differentiate between co- ordination and co-operation.
4. Write a short note on „Acceptance theory‟.
Section B: Caselets (40 marks)
 This section consists of Caselets.
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Vincent, the Manager of a large supermarket, was taking a management course in the evening programme at the local college. The Professor had given an interesting but disturbing lecture the previous night on the various approaches to management. Vincent had always thought that management involved just planning, organizing and controlling. Now this Professor was saying that management could also be thought of as quantitative models, systems theory and analysis, and even something called contingency relationships. Vincent had always considered himself a good manager, and his record with the supermarket chain had proved it. He thought of himself, “I have never used operations research models, thought of my store as an open system, or developed or utilized any contingency relationship. By doing a little planning ahead, organizing the store, and making some things got done, I have been a successful manager. That other stuff just does not make sense. All the professor was trying to do was complicate things. I guess I will have to know it for the test, but I am sticking with my old plan, organize and control approach to managing my store.”

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