The Importance Of Policy And Procedure

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Policy and Procedure Developing policies and procedures is an integral step to the success of any business. Policies are designed to address a specific issue and ensure that it is handled consistently in the future. It is imperative that businesses have a true understanding of the specific issues that they are trying to improve upon or correct when writing and developing a policies and procedures (Vardiman, Shepherd, Jinkerson 32-43). In order to develop an effective policy and procedure document for a business or organization, it is important to have a basic understanding of both policy writing and procedure writing. A policy is the rule that an organization is using to assist in running their organization. A procedure is an evolving document …show more content…
It is important to have the policy and procedure be easy to understand with minimum use of words, step by step directions, and laid out in an easy to read manner by utilizing headings and labels. (XXX)
Avoidable Characteristics There are certain characteristics that should be avoided when writing a policy or procedure. Because policies are meant to address key management issues it is important to refrain from including information that may become outdated quickly. It is also important to avoid using technical terms or language. Simplicity is vital so that everyone, including new employees, have the capability to understand. Avoid the use of acronyms without first spelling out the proper name. (XXX)
Need for Policies and
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Human resource departments (HR), are no exception to this rule. HR departments have policies for many different things including hiring and screening new staff members. Back in 1991, the importance of developing policy and procedure guides for screening new employees became evident when a new law that held employers liable for their employee’s criminal actions. If an employer failed to properly screen an employee and as a result that employee caused damage the owner or business could be held liable. To avoid facing criminal charges employers designed and implement policy and procedure manuals utilizing local, state, and federal laws to ensure compliance (Engleman & Kleiner 164-168).
Policy Critique The Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 11.0: Pre-employment Screening Revision 05/31/2010 is an example of an HR screening policy and procedure document designed to ensure proper screening of employees is conducted prior to employment. The document is laid out and labeled well. This makes it easy to read. The procedures listed are directly related to the policy statement issued. This document is a good start to what could be an outstanding policy and procedure document with a few changes.

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