Nursing Reflective Report

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NU499: Bachelors Capstone in Nursing was a great class that prepared me for the new role as Registered Nurse with a BSN. There is more expected from me as a RN with BSN, therefore I have really enjoyed the critical thinks skills that were enhanced in this class. The 10 weeks were not easy, but necessary to pave the way for a better nurse to care for patients.
Some meaningful experiences that I learned during this course was the evidence based project. I had a lot of trouble actually understanding what was expected until the end during the presentation. I am naturally a very good public speaker and enjoy presenting about a topic. Using my current place of employment as my capstone site made it easy to see how the change would positively impact
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I have always been a bit of a procrastinator, however, this term with the portfolio and 200 point presentation I found myself almost running out of time. I created a study plan and worked on it for 2-3 hours daily. I also submitted my paper to the Kaplan writing service for feedback and used Grammarly for grammar help.
Everything learned in the Capstone course has made me a better nurse. I will apply it to the pediatric clinic where I currently work. As nurses we should not be afraid to suggest changes, especially if it will promote better patient outcome. My future career as a family practice nurse practitioner will be possible and I will continue to be the patient advocate at all times.
The entire process from RN-BSN has been very rewarding and I am happy I was able to go through it. I am grateful that despite all the personal, financial and family changes I experienced it did not stop me from pursuing my dream and obtaining higher education. I have learned about myself and by the Grace of God will continue with my Masters and Nurse practitioner in the next two months. I am excited and know that my career is bright because of my faith in God, hard work, determination, and Kaplan University. I am ready to serve my community with everything that I have learned and know that I will make a

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