New Techniques Of Writing Into Next Semester Essay

810 Words Dec 10th, 2015 4 Pages
I am very thankful for taking this course as I feel I have vastly improved in multiple areas of my communication. I had never taken a course that involved writing a paper and then presenting a speech on it to the class. It was either one or the other, not both. That is what intrigued me to take this course before the semester started. For myself great strides were made in my ability to convince readers through the toulmin model, learned in this course. Help was received along the way through office hours and the writers workshop at the Undergraduate Library. I will be taking on new techniques of writing into next semester as I continue on with my academic career. Writing was never a strong suit of mine, but I feel as my writing is starting to become a strength of mine due to the work put into it. The work during high school to become a better writer and in college. I have my teachers to thank for my development, and the resources I have at my exposure. More specifically in this course, the challenges I faced was the grueling nature. The course was definitely the toughest english course I have taken. I faced a lot of assignments with not a lot of break time during the course that was given in high school. The ability to continually work on a paper, continually develop ideas and new paper topics was something I had to work on. The way I solved these challenges was to face them head on, making sure I was focused at the task at hand. This was a challenge in itself…

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