Should Students Be Allowed To Regulate Cell Phones In Schools

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Over the years cell phones and technology in general has dominated the world. Cell phones and other devices have become more and more difficult to regulate during school hours. Though schools should encourage progress and embrace new technology, it can be difficult to regulate the use of cell phones for academic use only. Phones have become a way to stay connected, communicate and search with ease, but they also can negatively impact a classroom environment. Cell phones will continue to have an impact on society and because cell phones negatively impact the classroom environment in schools, they should have a right to regulate or enforce a cell phone policy during school hours. The main reason schools probably want to regulate cell phone use is because …show more content…
The use of cell phones during school hours can be the cause of some cyber bullying situations. If a student is allowed to use their phone during school hours the school is giving them the opportunity to bully other students via social media or text messaging. Because students are allowed to have their phones and post on their social media during school hours they are allowing students to bully their peers through a simple tweet or text. It is easier for a bully to hide behind a screen and by limiting students cell phone use forces bullies to bully their peers face to face and most bullies cannot do that. I understand having your cell phone during school hours allows students to stay connected and keep in contact with their peers and families, however, regulating the use of cell phones during school hours can decrease cyber bullying as well as theft. Cell phones and other devices are expensive and can cause more theft in schools because phones are valuable items that are in high demand. By enforcing a cell phone policy in schools, cyber bullying and the rate of theft would reduce

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