Narrative Essay About My First Cruise

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The summer of 2016 began on May 22, when my parents told me we were going on a cruise that summer. I was very surprised at this. Every year we go to Hunting Island State Park to camp on the beach for about two weeks. I was very disappointed that we weren't going this year but I was also excited to go on on my first cruise. I did not know what to expect or if it would be any fun at all.
On June twentieth, my family and I boarded a plane to fly to Fort Lauderdale. We arrived two days before we were allowed to get on the cruise. Being in Florida, we did not have our cars so we had to call an uber. This was my first time riding in an uber. The gentleman driving us was very nice and he took us to our hotel. We got to the hotel a little after nine
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It is here that I learned how privileged I am to live in the USA and how fun it is to Cave jump. Our tour guide was native and he only made three dollars an hour trying to support his family. The next day we went to Belize where we went cave tubing through a 10,000 year old cave. Then on the twenty-sixth we went to Mahogany Bay, Roatan. It is there that we met Roberta S. Jacobson, the ambassador of Mexico. I also got to witness a wild monkey come right up to my mom's hand and take a grape. The next day would be the last time we would stop before heading home. We stopped at Grand Cayman, Cayman Island and I got to hold a stingray bigger than me and witness a wild sea turtle. After boarding back onto the boat, we had a two day trip ahead of us to Florida. During this time I went to see multiple plays and comedies with my friends. I also gained about ten pounds from the all-you-can eat buffet. We arrived in Florida at about noon on the twenty-ninth of June. Although the cruise ship was a little slow going, I was sad that I had to leave my friends and the all-can-eat buffet.
In the end, I was very glad that I was able to go on a cruise. I realized it was not just about having fun, but the lifetime of friends and memories I would make. Sometimes, you cannot just look at things and judge them whether they are fun or not. You have to look at the greater picture and take in everything that is happening.

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