Narrative Essay About The Twelfth Month Of The Year

December December is the 12th month of the year. It is the time of giving and the season of joy and love. It is always the month most people look forward the most. It is the month wherein everything seems so magical and lively. Everything in it, the happy atmosphere, the jolly songs played in the radio, the sparkling Christmas lights, the jingling bells, and the presents underneath the Christmas tree is always visible and evident.
Days before the month of December arrived, I had been thinking about how my life would be in December. I always knew this will be my month. I was born on the 30th of December 2000. Every time I hear the word "December", I always thought of happy moments and imagined myself into some kind of world full of magical thoughts. I am really excited during
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I am really excited and I can’t wait until the clock strikes at 12. I still remember the time when our cats named: Jipoy, Ronron, Tsemai, and Pat roamed around the house because they were scared of the fireworks. On the other hand, my dog named Oling stayed calm because she was excited to receive her treat. Everything really falls perfectly in place. At midnight, the food on the table was ready to be served. Based on what I remembered, there were Lechon, barbeque, cake, macaroons, salad, puto cheese, mango float, and many more. I admit that my tummy was really happy at that very moment. After we ate, we lit a candle and placed it in the cake. Then, we sang a happy birthday to our Lord because He is the reason for this happy season.
In the morning, my family and I decided to attend Mass. When we got home, we had our own family activity in the house wherein we invite homeless people and street children to give them clothes. We also prepared food for them. Everybody is welcomed because we made presents for each and every one including the Senior Citizens. Seeing these people receive their gifts with a smile on their face makes my heart

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