Naraya Health Case Study

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Narayana Health, a multi-specialty hospital chain in India, is headquartered in the city of Bengaluru. Formerly known as Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt. Ltd., its brand name was changed in 2013. Because of the unique business model, it has become a Global Healthcare as well as Harvard Business School curriculum in the form of a case study.
Narayana Health is accredited with being one of India's largest and World's most economical health care service providers. It is set to emerge as a global industry model for its ability to reconcile quality, transparency, scale, credibility, affordability, and sustainable profitability. Highly equipped with super-specialty and tertiary care facilities along with the expert health advice that the medical world has
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D. Low Cost Surgical Hospital Model: NH chain boats of India’s first low cost hospital in Mysore. This pilot project has been initiated with 300 surgical beds. While the industry average per bed cost is Rs.40-50 lakhs, this model reduced the costs significantly to Rs.15 lakhs thereby slashing patient’s charges to a huge extent. Natural daylight has been used to maximum to shrink expenditure on electricity.
E. Training and Development: Investments in education, training and skilling have remained the cornerstones on which the healthcare delivery rests in NH which in turn augment efficiency and productivity. Training for technicians, paramedics and staff are conducted and habitual skilling programmes for nurses are provided by Indian Nursing Council and Rajiv Gandhi University associated with Nursing Institute.
F. PEARLS: Patient & Employee Ailment Resolution & Learning System: Patients & staff send complaints instantly via mobile phone. Complaints addressed & status updates sent. Departments target reductions in the no. of complaints. 80933 complaints recorded till date, 99% resolved. Maintaining excellent service
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Services are the key evaluation factor for any firm in this Medical sector. Narayana Health delivers far range of services in different areas of health apart from cardio, which is best known. It performs over 150 major surgeries every day and around 4200 OPD patients are attended per month. It also performs solid organ transplants for kidney, liver, heart and bone marrow transplant. It is well equipped with oncology services for most types of cancer also including head, neck, breast, cervical and gastro intestinal.

• On an average 40 heart surgeries are conducted every day
• 95% success rate achieved in the liver transplant of babies who weigh less than 10kg
• Asia’s first hospital to implant an artificial heart
• Combined kidney and pancreas transplant was performed, offers formal training for pediatric cardiac surgery.
• Researchers at Thrombosis Research Institute, Bangalore which is a division of Narayana Health are working towards discovering a medicine to prevent heart attack.

• CNBC & ICICI Lombard awarded the best hospital award to NH.

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