King Faisal Specialist Hospital Case Analysis

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The growth and development of any organization in any industry is highly determined by the company’s ability to be and remain competitive in its industry. The company’s competitiveness is on the other hand influenced by the company’s ability to change swiftly with the change of technology. Thus to remain competitive a company needs to have the ability to reconfigure, build, and integrate external and internal competences to handle the drastically changing environments. This paper review dynamic capabilities of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) and how they have contributed to the organization competitiveness. KFSH&RC is a quaternary or tertiary referral and care hospital located in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. It contains 1589 beds and acts as a national center of referral for genetic, cardiac surgery, organ transplantations, and oncology diseases among others. KFSH&RC was established in 1970 and in 1975, it was officially opened to offer its services to Saudi Arabian citizens. Since its establishment KFSH&RC has demonstrated great level of advancement which includes adaptation of the modern technology to enhance its competitive advantage.
Dynamics Capabilities in the KFSH&RC
Dynamic capabilities refer to
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For instance, the organization should always ensure that it has the best resources to maintain quality and advance medical services in all its operational units. To manage this, it should ensure that it has the ability to advance its medical equipment as need arises or as the technology changes to always have the best facilities in the region. Continuous adoption of new technologies and effective integration of these technologies in the organization system at all times will play a great part in cost cutting and enhancing efficiency. It should

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