Effectiveness Of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Portfolio Analysis For Developing An Adaptive Strategy

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The adaptive strategies offer an organization the basic methods of achieving its vision by adapting to the environment. A healthcare organization may apply adaptive strategies by allowing its staff to grow their performance more than its complexity grows. In contrast, a market entry strategy indicates the technique of applying adaptive strategies through internal development and cooperation to deliver services to a target client base. A better strategy for a healthcare organization would be whether to source products, invest in or control a certain market. Competitive strategies, on the other hand, ascertain the strategic posture of an organization and identify the basis for competition. A healthcare organization may opt to use competitive strategies to position itself as a leader in the market.
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E. Effectiveness of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Portfolio Analysis in Developing an Adaptive Strategy
The BCG analysis would provide an effective portfolio for developing an adaptive strategy for a healthcare organization because it is useful in pinpointing the four categories of services the healthcare organization delivers as those producing cash and those that do not require much investment, for instance, heart surgery. Moreover, the services that provide the cash flow necessary for sustenance of other services that have potential of providing income in future. The organization would also be able to determine the operations that should be discontinued for are loss-generating.
Moreover, BCG would provide an organization with the know-how of determining the needs and strengths of all the departments of a healthcare organization thereby enable it apply adaptive strategies. BCG provides an organization with a full picture of the positions of its business concerns thereby drawing attention to investment characteristics, cash flows and organizational business needs thus enabling the organization to sustain a balanced

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