Essay on My Writing Skills Improved A Better Writer

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On my journey to becoming a better writer I’ve encountered many obstacles. Growing up in Birmingham, Al hearing everyone around you speak with a southern accent was very common. While trying to improve my writing skills I came across many obstacles because of the way I talked. Although I suffered complications with my writing, when I began my 12th grade year I encountered a huge turn around when I took AP Literature. During that course my writing skills improved tremendously. The copious amount of essays my teacher had me to write, the skills she taught me, weekend study sessions, peer reviews, and her constructive criticism has played a huge role in the improvements of my writing. In my school the only classes that taught you what you needed to know for your grade level were AP courses. Other teachers took it easy on their students just to pass them along to their next grade level unconsciously knowing they were just hurting the students by not teaching them the fundamentals they needed to know. For AP Literature I was taught to write three different types of essays, which included Poem Analysis, Prose Analysis, and an Open Essay. The poem and prose analysis were my favorite because I enjoy reading poems and stories in order to understand their deeper meaning. The poem and prose analysis has helped me become a more descriptive writer in my papers.
One skill she taught me was to make many connotations to a text to recognize the deeper meaning in texts before actually…

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