My Weaknesses And Strengths Of Being A Secondary Teacher

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When I first signed up for this class I never had a clue of what it would entailed. All I knew it was going to teach me about what I needed to become a Secondary teacher. Teaching is a very rewarding job and a valuable career. The main role of the teacher is to further the knowledge and understanding of every child within the classroom, which can be very difficult at times. Although I am not a teacher yet, I have had many educational interactions with children. I am an invigilator for BJAT and CXC Exams but that’s nothing when it comes to the true experience you get when you’re actually teaching.
Something that this class has taught me is that if you want to be great at something you need to put you all into it and work really hard. It can
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I had all the ideas of what I wanted to do but never knew how to write it on paper. This class has helped me now to have a better understanding of how to write a plan. I might not be the best lesson plan writer but I know for a fact that am far better than I was before this class. This class has brought out my strengths and weaknesses of being a teacher. My strength is that I’m a very friendly person and because of that it help me to interact better with my students. I was and still is a student so I know what I would like my teacher to be so I try my best to meet the needs of my students but I also know not to cross the line of being too friendly and let my students lose their respect for me. My weakness is time management, I usually tend to over plan my lessons then end up not finishing what I had planned for the end of the …show more content…
Microteaching is a technique aiming to prepare teacher candidates to the real classroom setting, Brent & Thomson (1996). Microteaching gave us the opportunity to experiment on how a teacher actually should be in a classroom setting. It teaches us the necessary skills that we need in order to become the best possible teachers that we can be. To tell you the truth this was what I enjoyed the most out of this class. It helped me to gain sight of what I really want to do for my career. Nothing is more rewarding that sharing your knowledge and making a hug impact in students’ lives. It gives me great joy and warmth to my heart that I actually can make a difference and make the world a better place.
The only thing that I never like from this class was that it was too overwhelming when it came to the assignments and forums put together. I think that the workload could have been much lighter because it took away so much time from other classes that we had. I hardly had time to do anything for myself. I was leaving my job unattended just to keep up with this class and was trying to squeeze time for my other online class which also entailed as much

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