My Second Hour English Class With Trepidation Essay

817 Words Jan 10th, 2015 4 Pages
I sauntered into my second hour English class with trepidation. It was the first day of my high school senior year but I was nowhere near excited. Although a student from Africa with a background of British English Language, my junior year in American Literature was a breeze. Therefore, I sought a challenge and signed up for Advanced Placement English Language. However, I was assailed by doubts as I inquired from previous students about the English class and their replies were disheartening. “It is a daunting subject”, a majority of my friends revealed. “If you have a B in the class, you are smart. It requires an abundance of in-class time writes and the grading is stringent.” This remarks came from grade-A students that are accustomed to the American English system. I became overcome by fear of my first C grade. On the other hand, I was assigned to an AP U.S. History class by my counselor because I needed the credits to graduate. I was not cognizant of the fact that I needed a social science or history class in order to graduate since it was not required for science students in my old school in Nigeria. As a result, these two subjects proved to be challenging in the first quarter of my senior year. My struggles in history class was as a result of my lack of appreciation of the historical events and their connection to our current existence. My history teacher would say “You learn history in order to prevent the repetition of historical errors” and I would reply “As a…

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