Essay on My Philosophy Of Adult And Continuing Education

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My Philosophy of Adult and Continuing Education Lorraine M. Zinn (1990) developed the Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory (PAEI), which identifies an adult educator’s life beliefs and how they inform their philosophy of education and are applied to their practice of adult education (p. 40). I performed the PAEI as part of preparation to write this summative reflection. My philosophy of adult education is an equal combination of education for self-actualization and major social change. The definitions, purposes, and other constructs of these philosophies are most in line today with my knowledge and thinking processes. I will further provide a more comprehensive statement of my philosophies of adult education. Philosophies names, definitions, and beliefs of the learner. The humanist practitioner of adult education holds beliefs that human nature is fundamentally positive. The learner is self-motivated to make decisions about what they want to learn and in what contexts they want to learn it. The learner is not limited in their ability to learn. Humanist learning highlights the learner’s personal growth and self-direction as part of the learning process (Merriam & Brockett, 2011, p. 40). The critical/radical belief views adult education as equally able to affect social change resulting in both positive and negative learner and societal outcomes (Freire, 1970, 2000). The radical/critical practitioner holds beliefs that adult education is a means of influencing societal…

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