My Personal Experience: My Experience Of A College Student

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As expected my first semester as a college student was an adjustment. At the beginning of the semester I became very overwhelmed with all of the new challenges that I was presented with. On the first assignment I submitted for a college class I received a D for the assignment. For someone who struggles with getting B’s on assignments, this was quite a shock. I regrouped and emailed my professor to figure out what went wrong. It turned out it was simply a misunderstanding with instructions, and I have done exceptionally well on the rest of the assignments since. This experience at the beginning of the school year taught me some valuable lessons. For example, it is important to ask questions if you do not understand something. Furthermore, it helped to ease the nerves I had about contacting professors. I learned that professors are there to help, and that I have no reason to be scared to ask them questions. Another challenge, I struggled with was the drastic academic difference between high school and college. In high school, I could pay attention in class and do well on …show more content…
I enjoy writing, and I wanted to be proud of my work. Throughout this class, I have realized that my favorite style of writing is the personal narrative. I also realized that I enjoy writing about people. Therefore, the profile paper was one of my favorites. Additionally, I was reminded that research papers are my least favorite to write. I like learning and reading research about interesting topics, but I do not like writing about them. One thing I consider myself to be decent at, is my ability to captivate the audience through my introductions. Learning how to write powerful introductions is a skill that has me taken years. Furthermore, English 101 reminded me of this ability, and also allowed for my continued growth as a writer. In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed English 101 and as a result my writing has

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