Reflective Essay: My Journey To A Writing Center

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Developing the love I have for English is one that has continuously grown, and will continue to grow throughout my life. English and I started out as close friends when I was young. As a child every night before bed I choose a book off of my shelf and climbed under the covers and my mother read to me. I remember listening to the stories while carefully examining the pictures before she flipped the page. When she went to work I still skimmed the pictures and retold the story the best I could recall. Eventually I memorized the words and read along with her. As time went on I continued to adore my mother’s reading. It seemed like she was always curled up with a book in front of the fireplace. I admired her, and more than anything I wanted to be just like her. Once I was old enough to read on my own I still would still share my most recent thoughts and ideas with her about my latest book. Reading is a bond …show more content…
What one professor might consider an “A” paper may be considered a “C+” paper to a different set of eyes. Also, they think that mandating that everyone takes the dreaded writing 150 class will make everyone excellent writers. This is not true. Grand Valley has excellent resources that will aid you through writing papers. The writing center is one of them. Even though I go to the writing center occasionally I still feel as if it does not help me become a stronger writer. Mechanics and grammar are typically the least of my worries, and that is what they have always focused on with me. Content in a paper is important. Organization is imperative. I always read my papers aloud to help make corrections. Constant work goes into improving the craft of an individual’s writing. I continuously remind myself that it will take time, patience, and a lot of effort to become a better writer. Yet, these are issues that I continue to struggle with in my writing, but I hope to improve as time goes

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