Reflective Essay: Analyzing My Writing Process

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I have been writing my whole life. Although I had rocky beginnings, my writings have been steadily improving. I know even now i am not a very good writer, but I am doing as much as I can to strengthen this skill. Throughout this Word 103 class I have learned a lot about writing and have grown in many ways. But my main focus of this paper will be of how I have grown in Rhetorical knowledge and I will analyze my writing process. Throughout this trimester I have written essays of different genres, I have written essays that are meant for all kinds of different audiences, I have set clear purposes, etc…

When I start with any essay I usually end up sitting at the my desk with the laptop open for an extended period of time. It takes me an extra long time to start on my essay yet alone to write it. Since I have ADHD I get distracted very easy and that is mostly the reason it takes me such a long time to get started on the writing process. For example to do this essay I was on my laptop for 3 hours before I actually started writing. At
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For example, in the argument essay I thought about what would make people want to make the government regulate chloramines in pools and pool areas. Obviously I knew that if something causes harm people would want it to be under control and to have limited to no exposure to it. I needed evidence and knew that any evidence I bring to the table should first and foremost be from a trusted source, such as a reputable news station, or a government agency. In this case I used both. I took evidence from the CDC’s website which stated all of the risks associated with chloramines coming in contact with humans including things like respiratory problems. There were many news articles on the subject. I knew I had to pick one that would resonate with people the

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