Zoology Personal Statement

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As a young child, many do not know what they would want to be when they become an adult. I, on the other hand, have always known what my future would hold. I decided at a young age that I would work with animals. I didn’t know the specifics at the time of what field of work would best suit me but, as I grew older I found myself in love with the world of Zoology. My life has been surrounded by a variety of animals so, it only seemed fitting that I would use my love for animals to pursue a career that I would enjoy. I have always been interested in learning about animals. My parents provided experiences and opportunities for me to know that I needed to care for animals. I have been concerned with the welfare of animals since I was a child, pretending to be a veterinarian. I believe animals should receive the care they need, as not all animals can help themselves. This is why I believe Zoology is for me.

My love for animals grew more as I grew older. At the high school I attended, I was an active member of the FFA chapter and was vice president of the chapter for a year. As I took many animal science classes, I began to realize I enjoyed learning about animals and being able to help them. I
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Mars Hill University is one out of two universities that offers a degree in Zoology in North Carolina. I was drawn to the private and small population aspects of Mars Hill. It made me more interested when I visited the Mars Hill website and saw where it states that the Zoology program is, “unusual for a small liberal arts university.” This alone grabbed my attention. The opportunity to work with instructors who also choose to be in a smaller setting appeals to me. I realize they know the importance of being accessible to students, is a must. I appreciate knowing teachers will be there for me each step I take in pursuing my

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