My Leadership Philosophy

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To many people, leadership always seems as a delicate and complicated concept. This is a contributing factor to why many people in today’s society consciously choose to fall back and follow rather than put themselves on the line and decide to take charge. Personally, I see being a leader as relatively simple; for me, leading is all about connecting and forging bonds with those that you wish hold you as trustworthy. Upon building these relationships, a leader must take action to identify and properly employ their subordinates’ skills. As a 1/C, I wish to only refine my ideas by using what I will have learned working with different types of people under me. As it stands, my purpose as a leader is to ethically apply my own and my team’s strengths and in a calm and collected manner that will motivate and inspire strength and endurance amongst those that rely on me. A lesson that I can fall back to while implementing my leadership skills is one of the first things that the class talked about and, to me, …show more content…
In my mind, an incredibly valuable attribute is being able to identify and properly effectuate others talents and strengths. Generally, everyone is talented at something, therefore, they can be molded to be stronger in that particular area. In order to be a high achiever, one must identify their talents and then build on them to transform them into strengths (35). They also recognize their weaknesses, and, while they still work on them, they understand that it is futile to spend a sizable amount of time on getting better in that area. Leaders play a key role in each of their subordinates’ efforts towards bettering themselves. As a 3/C, I want to ensure that my plebes are knowledgeable about their own talents and then help them to develops those into true strengths. The exercises associated with this lesson helped to set a foundation for my skills in talent identification and

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