Personal Statement: My Leadership Philosophy

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My Leadership Philosophy In November of 2014 I went to Kuwait already knowing that I would work in the USARCENT HHBN S-1 as a Human Resources NCO. Within three months of my tour I received my promotion to Staff Sergeant and it was obvious that I would be taking over the position of HHBN S-1 NCOIC. Being that I was already the Postal Officer and Theater Gateway LNO for USARCENT, I didn’t let the thought of being the NCOIC disturb me in any way. However, I did begin to have thoughts of anxiety being in an active duty environment responsible for the customer service of about 2,000 service members. USARCENT holds the rumor of being “a command to either make or break one’s career.” With that being said, I had to ask myself as a five and a …show more content…
I expect for my Soldiers to be physically and mentally fit. I expect for my Soldiers to be well-rounded within my shop to ensure competence across the board. As human resources professionals, I expect for everyone to maintain their appearance. I also expect for my subordinates to strive for success in the military and civilian sector. My subordinates can expect from me recognition and rewards of their contributions. I will provide full support of goals, ideas, and anything that will enhance each individual Soldier as well the mission. I will always be fully engaged in their professional development and provide developmental counseling. Thus, ensuring there’s an understanding of accomplishments and areas of improvement. The most important job I have as a leader is to offer an environment where my Soldiers can develop as leaders, be confident in what they do, take pride in what they do. I will provide the opportunity for success. Colin Powell made a famous quote that I hold dear as a leader. “The day Soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership (Goodreads Inc.,

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