My First Prom At Foster Park Elementary School Essay

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On March 9, 1998, Sonya Edwards gave birth to me at Wallace Thompson hospital in union county. In august of 2004, I attended my first prom at Foster Park Elementary School. I was so excited to dance and see all of my friends. During the month of March in 2004, I started my first year of playing soft-ball for CB Breaks. This was something I had wanted to do because I’ve always looked up to my father. As a child I always went to my dad baseball games on the weekend. I seen him knock many home-runs and I use to think to myself “that’s going to be me one day.” Also, the first year of playing ball, my team and I went to the State Championship in Hilton Head. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was so hot. Our coach bought us little fans with water that squirted out, and towels to put in a cooler full off cold water. We didn’t win the state champion ship but we received gold medals and a trophy. December has always been a month full of excitement for me but in 2005 it became different the week of christmas. On, December 22 I stayed the night with my grandmother. She had been in and out the hospital for a while now. When she began talking to me she told me how she didn 't want to suffer anymore, and wanted to be called home to the big man above with her parents. My mood changed because I was a child trying to understand what my grandma was trying to say. The next day, I tried waking her up but I got no response. I thought she was in a deep sleep, so I waited a little longer…

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