College Admissions Essay: My Freshman Year Of High School

Freshman year of high school, I was ecstatic. Yes, being shoved in hallways and three minutes late to every class because of overpopulation everyday sucked, but I was finally a high schooler. Soon, I learned that rumors about being stuffed in a locker was the least of my worries. I was compelled to make life changing decisions about my future and whether or not I wanted to go to college. My sister, Amber, conceived my nephew, Trey, at 16 during her sophomore year, resulting in her flunking out of high school, therefore, I did not have anyone to forewarn me or even give me a fairytale. At the end of my first semester of high school, she scored a job at La Petite Day Care as a long term sub. Amber came home every day with exhilarant stories about her favorite student, Sally. …show more content…
However, three months into her new job, she was laid off due to her position no longer necessary. She came home much earlier than usual, around 2:15, which is the time I got out of school. I enjoyed my alone time after school, so out of curiosity and disgruntlement, I asked why she arrived home so early and she said, “I got laid off. I’m so drained out of hope. It’s going to be so hard to find the same job with benefits like this one. I really should go back to school.” She realized that the inducement of this was because the new girl, Viola, graduated college with a degree in early childhood and she got the same job as Amber did. Later that day, my mom came in and heard the news and she was in doldrums. She knew that Amber dropping out of high school and not engendering her education was the root of the problem. Since then, every failing grade or every feeling of discouragement, my mom simply reminded me of the tragedies happening to Amber from the result of her not going to

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