Essay about My First Days Of Class

1284 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
At the beginning of the semester I was worried because I though this class was going to be really hard for me. The first days of class I was okay,but when I find out that I had to do an introductory speech I panicked. I am a very shy person and I don 't talk a lot, I know that this can be bad, but it is difficult for me to change. FYE made the right choice for me, with a group everything seems better. Throughout the semester there has been challenges for me in this class but I never gave up. Since I found out that I had to take a communication class, I knew that that was going to be the worst class of my life. I was wrong, but I can not say I enjoyed doing presentations in front of people. Before college I used to avoid presenting to the class, sometimes, if I knew that it was not going to affect my grade. I am the type of person that would not ask a question during class because she is too embarrassed to be the center of attention. I had to understand that I have to get out of my comfort zone in order to survive in college and the real world of an adult. I was not satisfied with the individual presentation about myself. I was stressed out the whole weekend because I did not know what to put in my speech. It was worst that day of my presentation,and when I had to stand up in front of people that I did not know I got really nervous. I was shaking and I was not making eye contact with the audience. Instead, my best option was to read my paper and to try to not look to…

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