Essay My Father 's Influence On My Life

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Everybody makes mistakes and gains different experiences from those mistakes. However, some of these experiences that people have had teach others and influence them in many ways. We all have “heroes” or people that we look up to. It may be one of the local firefighters or police officers. These people have influenced you and inspired you to be the person that you are right now. Many have influenced me in my life. One of the people that has influenced me is my father. The person that influenced me the most in my life was my father. The story of his life is what inspires me to work hard today.
My father was born on December 6th. He always tells me that they really don’t know what day he was born since he was born in the village. Basically, he was born and raised in Nigeria. As a child he struggled a lot, of his life was spent going to school and then coming back to go to the farm or help with housework. One major problem was that both his parents were illiterate. That made schoolwork two times as harder since he had nobody to help him. He had an older sibling, but he had no education past elementary school, he had immediately went into the workforce before high school. School was not a struggle for my dad, he was very advanced in mathematics. He would tell me that he was always top in his class. Although he had no help in school, he strived to have very high grades so that he would be able to have a good job in the future.
My father was not born into a rich family. He…

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