My Experience With Public School Essay

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My experience with public school from kindergarten to 10th grade has made a huge impact on my life. I was born in a city with a population of 300,000+ residents, New Bedford, Massachusetts. My mother a nurse and my dad a police officer in FallRiver, MA. I have a half-sister Alexis, who lives with us in the summers and one weekend a month. Since it was just me and my parents most of the time mom and dad thought it would be best for me to start preschool. The summer before kindergarten d my parents decided I should attend half day summer camp to make friends and be with kids my age. This is where my life and torment in public schools started KINDERGARTEN. It was September 5th, the first day of kindergarten and I was excited to be starting school. Since my school was a few blocks away mom and I walked to school. I wore a new gray 3 piece suit, with a pint striped vest, which I begged her to get me and instead of a backpack I had a small briefcase. Wow I remember how huge my new class was. There were so many kids some crying, some fighting and then some sitting all alone. There were kids of all sizes and color something I was not use too. I have never really met or played with a colored kid before and it was not a good first experience. Since I had never seen or played with a colored kid before I was curious yet nervous. So I walked over to my teacher thing I asked her was “how come that boy looks like chocolate milk”. She was so mad she grabbed my arm, and started…

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