Essay on My Experience At My Work Placement

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In the previous term, I was given a chance to experience the most exciting challenges I have ever done – The Work Experience. My work placement is a restaurant called Little NNQ that mainly serves food from my hometown – Vietnam, which is a huge advantage to me. I found this restaurant after many times failing to get a job in designing which is my career idea. Therefore, at first, I thought being a waitress would be not really satisfying, but after giving it a go, the work turned out to be very interesting and much better than I had ever expected.
Unlike other students, I only had six weeks to arrange my work placement. I unsuccessfully spent the first four weeks on finding a job in fashion designing. For that reason, I had to consider about other careers to try. Thanks to the advice from my family, my teachers and the booklet, I decided to work for food service which is quite suitable for me due to the experience my sister who was a waitress gave to me. After applying for five restaurants, I finally got a job in Little NNQ just a day before my English exam. This gave me a lesson that I should have arranged my time better, also been more enthusiastic to try finding a job in many different fields so that I could have saved a lot of time for the next steps. Luckily, I had enough time to complete all safety trainings required, in addition to the safety instruction of my supervisor, I was ready for the job.
Working in a restaurant is not as easy as it seems, on the contrary, it…

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