Essay about My Experience At High School

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I participated on working more volunteer hours than I ever did before in high school. I tried to contribute as much community service every month for the right amount of hours. In my high school, Hanover Central High School, in Cedar Lake, I joined clubs including the Gardening Club, the Yearbook Club, and Key Club. I was the Bulletin Editor for Key Club for two years and an Editor on the Yearbook Club in my senior year. For my academics, I am not a genius. However, I joined the English Academic Bowl team for Hanover Central during my senior year, and pushing my limits every day helped me got through the end of high school. I had received B honor roll and was able to reach above a 3.0 on my report card. I’m what they call me “average smart,” but I always felt the urge that I can do better. To prove this, I finish six dual credits in high school and obtain the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma. I never felt more proud of the work I’d achieved and the effort I’d spent. I had even reached thirty-eighth of my class!
I am not a born leader, to be honest. I am indicated as an introvert, and for me, leadership skills was a learning process. This required years of my life, and I had learn very much. I am the oldest of nine children, and I believe that even an introvert can be a good leader if they strive to be one. I do admittedly embrace solitude. My energy is boosted by spending time alone, but it gives me opportunities for self-reflection. This can be especially beneficial when it…

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