How To Write A Career Essay

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The profession that I identified as what I want to do the rest of my life is Health Services Administration. It took me long time to realize that this is what I wanted to do. It was a long journey. I worked since I was 17. I always held administrative jobs like administrative assistant, telebanker, or Internet banker. I was laid off back in 2005. I knew that there were no jobs and instead of being unemployed I decided to reinvent myself.
The first career that I picked was Physical Therapy. However, when I looked into the actual career and I sat with the educational advisor, I found out that the career could take up to 10 years. To me the option was not viable. I needed to go back to work as soon as possible.
The second career I picked was
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This time I really needed to do a better job picking careers. I did not have too many prerequisites to take. I had a General Studies Associate 's degree, and I have been spending the last five years of my life in college. I took my time, I was patient, I studied different possibilities. I knew I was not good at math. I was terrified about physics, I was not good at science. Those facts narrowed my career lookout. I knew health was a field where there are always jobs, even in recession or depression times. I was thinking about being a nurse. However, I failed physiology the previous semester and the thought of retaking the class caused me anxiety. Then, I looked into Health Services Administration. I made an appointment with an educational advisor. I got a wonderful advisor. She made me feel that I was the only important thing. She told me it is important to look into the masters option to get a better …show more content…
I still kept my minor as Health Sciences. I do not expect to keep that minor. I learned that I could do a masters in public and community health. There is one thing that has not changed since I started college. I do not want to make a lot of money. I just want a job. I have just checked the Occupational Outlook Handbook and medical and health services manager jobs are growing faster than average at 23%. However, research shows that the size of the state public health is declining by approximately 4% and in 2010 and 2012 the occupation with highest proportion was administrative and clerical with 20%

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