My English 1310 Course By Daniel Stuart Essays

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In my English 1310 course, taught by Professor Daniel Stuart We were asked to write 4 essays throughout the entire of this course. Each of the essays included an original version, followed by a revision memo, and last but not least a final revised version of the essay. After we completed an essay, the professor would grade our original essay and provide feedback on how to further improve on our final revised essay. We then would have to take his corrections into consideration and write 2 paragraphs on how to fix our mistakes called a revision memo. The first essay we were asked to write an “Argument Description”. For this essay, it was required for the students to find the writer’s primary and secondary claims of a particular essay chosen from the Best American Essays book and describe how they work. Secondly, we were asked to write an “Argument Analysis”. In this essay it required the same work as the “Argument Description” essay, but we were asked to find the implications about the claims stated. The next essay, Professor Stuart asked us to write was a “Genre Analysis”. The “Genre Analysis’ essay required us to develop an argumentative analysis that explains the expectations of the assignments. This specific essay required us to explain the strategy and process, and evaluate how we had to adapt to the assignment. Our final essay for this course was called an “Argument in Literature”. The “Argument in Literature” essay required us to compose an argument analysis over…

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