My Application Of My Personal Works I Have Done Essay

1452 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
After completing a difficult yet rewarding semester in RC2001 and reflecting on the works I have done, I can confidently say that the progression and improvement of my writing is extremely evident. While improvement was not as apparent during the daily class periods or between each assignment, this portfolio showcases where the growth began and who I’ve become as young writer. The organization for my portfolio follows the stream of assignments that we received in class, and two of which I chose to revise. Three of my personal works I completed along with their drafts are placed in order of their completion to further show the steps I took and how those steps varied between assignments. This critical rationale essay is placed at the end of the portfolio to summarize my revision process on two of my documents along with a profound reflection on the concepts learned in class and their application within my works. Going into the semester I knew what my strengths and weaknesses were in prior writing courses. My grammar and vocabulary were almost always without fault but my sentence structure and transitional phrases between phrases were lacking. I set a goal to work on the areas that I found unsatisfactory while further developing the areas where my writing flourished. My ultimate goal was to become a superior writer. This portfolio demonstrate my advancement in both these areas while also exhibiting new obstacles I faced along the way. Prior to my personal writing…

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