A Reflection Of My Writing

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“You could have done this better.” This phrase encompasses the culmination of my writing experience. Throughout my scholastic experience, I have never truly developed a grasp of the concepts that come with being a great, or even a decent, writer. I have always gravitated towards the mathematical side of school, as I understood it and knew what I had to do. In math, they assign you a problem, and it has one clear solution. Given a problem, I would be able to analyze it and figure out a way to solve it. However, with writing it is not that black or white. A prompt could have millions of different and correct ways of answering it, and it is up to the writer which one suits them the best. I have never been someone who has been very fond of literature, but it has always been an integral part of my education. When it comes to writing, I have always believed myself to be an adequate writer capable of crafting something that does not make the reader fall into utter boredom. In my opinion, I feel that my writing has come to a place where I can comprehend the prompt, although only after several hours of reading it repeatedly and write a coherent essay. However, it has not been the easiest journey to get to this point as English is my second language. …show more content…
The best I could do was say “Hello my name is Jean” in broken English. Thus, I was placed into ESL classes until I was caught up with the rest of my classmates. I was made to say countless reiterations of common phrases and questions; it became as excruciating as the line writing punishment. I took ESL classes for a few years before I was finally at “grade level.” One of the hardest parts of learning to speak English was that both of my parents also did not know the language. Hence, to do my assigned work, I would often sit flipping through a dictionary for hours on

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