Rhetoricalgies In The Speech Of Patrick Henry And Malcolm X

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At the beginning of my journey through rhetorical analysis, I never imagined the amount of steps it would include. As I learned first about rhetoric itself, and then moved onto adding the elements of rhetoric into my own writing, I soon realized there was a complex web of the writing process that would I have to spin for each essay. The task of successfully writing essays based on the rhetorical analysis of well-known pieces of literature included many vital strategies and techniques that I personally had to implement and improve on along the way. Some steps were new, and some were review; but all were necessary for success. Through my comparing and contrasting essay on the speeches of Patrick Henry and Malcolm X Little, the steps I took to build a successful analysis outlined the learning and writing process taken through the elements of rhetoric. The first task of writing my rhetorical analysis was reading the speeches from Henry …show more content…
Prior to implementing the rhetorical analysis style into my writing, I did not have a plan when it came to reading and understanding text. My only strategy of the reading process was to read actively and with direct attention on the literature. Although, after learning through multiple links and lessons on reading with a plan, I was able to create a system of reading strategies that worked for me personally. One of the first and most successful new strategies I added to my reading plan was the circling, underlining, and highlighting of important words and phrases (Appendix A). This not only allowed me to gain a better understanding of the text at hand, but also made it easier for me to refer back to key moments of Henry and Little’s speeches for later in the writing process. Also helpful for later reference in the writing

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