Essay on Motivation And Pursue Science : From The Time That I

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Motivation to Pursue Science: From the time that I was in the fourth grade, I knew the career path that I wanted to pursue. At a young age, I was inspired by roller coasters, so much in fact that I was often get scolded for doodling them in my notebooks during class time. I think that a lot of my inspiration had to do with my mother because I will never forget the morning that she woke me up to go to Hershey Park. My whole family was “playing hooky” that day and she had such excitement in her voice when she was waking me up to tell me about the Wild Cat, which is a wooden rollercoaster in the park. Most children at this age tell their teachers that they would like to become a firefighter, a teacher, a doctor, or maybe a veterinarian. However, I would promptly and proudly tell my teachers that I wanted to become an architect when I grew up. As I grew up, I realized that architects do not design rollercoasters, but engineers do. Furthermore, my economic insight grew as well, and I discovered that the job market for rollercoaster designers was not all that high in a demand. However, I will get into how I chose my career path later.
As a freshman and sophomore in high school, math and science were not my strong suits. It was not until I reached junior year that I became completely engaged by math and science. Had it not been for two very inspiring teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Croom, I do not know if I would have ever pursued my childhood dreams. Mr. and Mrs. Croom both went to…

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