Mcdonalds : Failure Of Mcdonalds Essays

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Failure of McDonalds McLobster Sandwich McDonalds Corporation is renowned for a proven background of successful business that is based on an effective business model. Throughout the years, McDonalds has built a profitable and highly successful business that is characterized by increased profitability and expansion into new markets across the globe. The corporation has achieved a significant competitive advantage over its main rivals through effective business strategies. These strategies include coming up with new food items and luring customers depending on their tastes and preferences. Despite it tremendous success, the corporation’s strategies have sometimes been ineffective as evident in the failure of some of its brands such as the McLobster Sandwich. The failure of the brand can be attributed to various factors including its packaging and customer’s reaction to it.
Selection of the Product The selection of this product was influenced by the intense competition that characterizes the fast food industry and McDonalds’ reputation as an increasingly successful firm and epitome of globalization. The corporation’s McLobster Sandwich provides a good example of a high successful firm can experience failures in marketing one of its products or brand. In addition, the paper demonstrates how the relationship between the company’s brand did not have a strong relationship with the product, which contributed to its eventual failure as compared to other products of McDonalds…

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